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We translate ambition into action

The challenge of allocating financial resources strategically is crucial to confront climate change. Without effective investment in key initiatives and projects, achieving our climate goals is impossible. The key is deciding wisely where and how to direct funds to maximize impact. Adequate financing is the engine that turns ambition into action, driving the transition towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly economy. It is essential to decide how and where funds are allocated to maximize impact and support the transition to a more sustainable, low-carbon economy. 

The OECD estimates a financing gap of USD 3.7 trillion annually

to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. The COVID-19 pandemic has also increased capital needs and reduced available financing.
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We mobilize our resources and ideas to accelerate the development of initiatives aligned with the SDGs

We develop strategies to direct financial resources towards projects and activities that promote environmental, social and economic sustainability and encourage investment in key sectors that contribute significantly to meeting the SDGs. 

Our business lines

S4C connects climate ventures in LATAM with capital and knowledge. In this process we address the challenges that sustainability poses for the real economy and the financial sector. We develop strategies based on the evaluation of environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects and accompany decision-making processes, investments and risk management. We generate capabilities and promote alliances.

Climate finance potential

We discovered the potential to attract financing for climate initiatives. We evaluate the alignment of initiatives with the priorities of funders committed to environmental sustainability and the response to climate change.


We offer specialized support to plan, execute and evaluate projects that address the challenges of climate change, seeking to optimize the effectiveness of funded initiatives, ensuring the appropriate implementation of climate solutions and maximization of impact.


We offer specialized training to integrate ESG aspects into the decision-making process and risk management in projects and investments.


We are an initiative with purpose

We join the global movement of companies that voluntarily generate economic, social and environmental value. Our commitment includes the well-being of workers, the promotion of social equity in our country and the preservation of the environment.

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